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May 2007

Coming Up For Air.

by Dave on May 23, 2007


I’ve arrived safe and sound in Canada, and am splitting my time between Burlington and Portland as time and duty allows. I can’t begin to summarize the last 3 weeks properly in the amount of time I have to devote to the blog today, so I’ll instead point you to a couple of FaceBook galleries where I have been uploading and writing captions for all the post-move photos to date. You may choose between a general gallery covering moving, cleaning, garage sales and revelry – or a photo essay documenting phase one of last weekend’s Operation Bunkhouse. Click a photo and scroll through like a sideshow to see the captions. The thumbnails alone aren’t nearly as interesting.

I made a down payment today to my new favorite web designer to thoroughly revamp and re-envision this silly website to which I have grown so attached over the last three years. Reese recently redid my dog sweater site, andf I have the utmost faith in her abilities. So fear not, dear reader (if there any of you left). I shall return with a lukewarm vengeance.

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