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Door Poultry Just Doing Their Jobs

by Dave on November 19, 2008

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If you’ve ever worked as a bouncer you know that about 90% of all trouble starts in one of two places: the dance floor or the pool table. Gary sent me this video a few minutes ago and I had to share. It reminds me of any given Thursday night at the Bullring circa 1997 – right down to the little patio that resembles said dance floor. All that’s missing are a couple more rabbits dancing on a pair of speakers.

“You can hop out of here like a gentleman or be thrown out like a bum and barred. It’s entirely up to you, Peter.”

On a related note, the Bullring’s Guelph Homecoming 2009 revival is still underway, and the masterminds had a conference call on the matter only this morning. We’ve thought up 3 potential revenue streams for the one-night-only event, and I can truly say (and I’ve always wanted to) that we’re gonna make them an offer they can’t refuse. Stay tuned!

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Resuscitate Guelph University’s Bullring!

by Dave on September 30, 2008

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Calling all Gryphons, inebriates, b-boys and speaker-dancers… We need the old Bullring faithful. We need your magic.

herb-bullringIt has been literal eons since the heydays of the almighty Bullring. None of us who were there, however, will ever forget them. The sticky floors, lukewarm draft beer, neon signs, human blood and 90’s hiphop have since been replaced by a regular cleaning schedule, Columbian coffee, vegetarian omelets and the Indigo Girls. It’s high time we banded together and helped that old, round building of dreams recapture its former glory. Children of the 70s, 80s and 90s – Help us resuscitate the RING! If only for one, fleeting evening.

A half-baked scheme which endeavors to bring the wonder and frivolity of the Bullring back for one night is underway, and the architects of the plot are interested to know if anyone will be there to join us. So please ask yourself – If a small team of former Bullring fans, fanatics and employees somehow managed to revive the magic for a single night – would you attend the party? Would you dig out your old Ring paraphernalia, hail a Red Top Taxi and head up the hill to the greatest on-campus bash since the old girl closed her doors as a nightclub nearly a decade ago?


If we get a decent response the wheels of fortune will be set in motion and we’ll do our best to convince the current owners to abandon the vanilla chai and biscotti long enough for us to bring Biggie and Tupac back for one more enchanted evening – most likely during Homecoming 2009. We also envision a cover charge to both keep out the tourists and also make it all worth the CSA’s time. They will be our greatest hurdle in putting this together.

You can also look forward to a new selection of Bullring gear – caps, toques, t-shirts – to commemorate the occasion and help you fly your Guelph colors as we descend further and further into the horrors of adulthood. Also coming soon will be perhaps the only existing video of a night at the ring, recorded by yours truly and various staff members the last night of exams, Spring 1998. And no – there are no clips of the infamous Hot Tub Party of 97. And thank Christ for that.


The road will be a long one, so we’d better get started soon. Please join and leave your name in the discussion thread on the Bullring Facebook Group – as a petition of sorts – and we’ll keep you posted.

Wish us luck. If luck be with us – we’ll see you there this time next year.

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