PITF is the personal blog of David Pye and has been in existence, through several silly incarnations, since 1999. Dave is based in Boston/Ottawa and will regale you with tales from his personal life, maintain an unhealthy fascination with pop culture and hold the whole mess together loosely with his own brand of humor. You’re still here?

Dave Pye’s Other Sites:

  • Search Engine Marketing Blog – ThirstyPony.com: SEO & SEM Tips and observances.
  • Hockey Blog – GoonBlog.com – Writin’ ’bout hockey fights with some high school buddies.
  • Celebrity Blog – RoachBrooch.com – A silly idea with a great story.
  • Squidoo Tips – SquidooItYourself.com – My advice on excelling in a popular social content network.

Dave Pye’s Social Media Presence:

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